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Special Topics

"The Ways to Have a Better Dialogue for Empathy with indigenous Communities in Asia" On-line session (8/29)


Goal: Asia is a diverse region of indigenous peoples. However, many indigenous communities are facing a crisis of decline in the context of development and commercialism. This forum will explore ways to reserve their heritage, lifestyles and environment and realize a prosperous symbiotic society in the 21st century through dialogue with her/him, who have built harmonious life with nature based on rich culture and tradition, and the actors working there.

*This event is based on the 2018 Toyota Foundation International Grant Program "Creation of an innovation Platform for Resource Conservation Management through Solidarity in ASEAN Indigenous Communities".


Day & time: August 29 (Sun), 2021 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm (Philippines/Malaysia Time)

Participation fee: Free (up to the first 100 people)

Pre-registration: Required. Please register the necessary information from the link: https://forms.gle/ePhTWcpGftZsTVUc7

After registration, the secretariat will send you the link to participate.

The session video is here:



With the motto “planting trees is not only seeds but also hope and peace”, our team has been planting trees actions for conserving and reforesting indigenous community environment. This time, it had done in collaboration with CBOs Youth, Partner organizations, local leaders, Pa Kyae village, Daw Mu Ka Lar village, Htay Ta Ma village, Daw Saw Bee village and Phar Tee Mar village. We plant the 1,100 seedlings, including Acacia Magnum, Teak, Rain,Mahogany, Cassia and White Oak seedlings. After the actions, the participants join the traditional spirit worship festival. Protecting a green community is an asset for the next generations.




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